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János Gondi, chairman

Zoltán Arany, vice-chairman

Anikó Ambrózay, secretary

Erika Barna, member of Chairmanship

Borbála Paksi, member of Chairmanship

Supervisory Board

Éva Berkei

Zsuzsa Matusek

Éva Preszl

János Gondi, chairman: cooperations, trainings

I attended the Eötvös Loránd University faculty of Science, the Budapest Business School College of International Management and Business and the Semmelweis University, I graduated as Mathematics-Technics Teacher, Economist of Marketin-communication and Addictological Consultant.

During nearly all of my career, I have focused on the education, skill-development and health-protection of adolescents. I led the Target 2000 Youth Office from 1996 to 2000, my tasks were the management of the the national promotion, marketing and network of the Target Youth Card, preparation and realization of prevention and entertainment programs. As the chairman of the advisory board of the Tiszta Jövőért Public Foundation, my main tasks are preparation and realization of prevention and health-improvement programs, addictological consultation, development and controll of qualified trainings. I have taken part in the preparation and completion of several trainings and eduational programs of social and educational workers.

At present I work with endangered youth, with active drug users and also with recovering addicts, mainly within the frame of trainings (education of peer volunteers, Clean Multicultural Center - CMC) and low treshold and prevention programs of our Foundation.

I have been administering the office of chairman of MADÁSZSZ since 2004, the year of founding, I have been representing the interests of he Association in KKB since 2007 as a civil delegate.

Zoltán Arany, vice- chairman: prevention oustide school

I was born in 1971, in Szentes. I attended my college education in Szeged and I have been living here since. I am a family therapeutist from 1998 and an addictological consultant since 2003.

I took part in the ' Alternatív Violence Project - Agressziókezelő' (Alternative Violence Project - Aggression Treatment) training in 1994 and the ' SPIN-SZOTE Video-Home Training' in 1995.

I worked for the Family Support Center for a year and for the SZTE Psychiatry of Children and Youth for 5 years. I have been working for the Dr. Farkasinszky Terézia Youth Drogcenter since 1995, as a director of Rehabilitating Instituion since 2008 and as a director of the Drogcenter since 2010.

I have started the group of relatives in 1995. I am a part-time teacher of several Departments of SZTE, where I share my experiences and knowledge with the students about social work, rehabilitation and family therapy of addicts.

I am the member of the Alisma Assocition, the Alternatíva 2004 Foundation and the SZMJVÖ KEF

My tasks as a vice-president of MADÁSZSZ are mainly in connection with prevention.

Anikó Ambrózay, secretary: prevention in school

I am a social worker and an addictological consultant. I live in Budapest for 3 years, I am the professional director of the Kompánia Foundation. I also work for the INDIT Public Foundation as the coordinator of the School social worker network in Budapest, and for the SZTE Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies as a teacher.

I am the chairman of the advisory board of the Alternatíva 2004 Foundation since. The Foundation realizes eductional, professional and community programs for social professionals, volunteers, teachers and peer volunteers.

In my career I have been working in different fields of addiction service: rehabilitation, institutes of low treshold services, prevention and in connection with the work of NGOs, realisation of professional trainings and of skill- and personality-development.

I am experienced in the preparation and realization of national tenders and of the European Union.

As the secretary of MADÁSZSZI cn make good use of my experience in service of NGOs and my connections.

Erika Barna, member of Chairmanship: harm reduction, communication

I was born in 1968, in Budapest and I have been living here since then. I was an editor-riporter for 16 years at a public service radio channel, and in 2006 I graduated as an addictological consultant. I am the director of communication at the Blue Point Foundation since March, 2007. I look mainly for mutual problem-solving and cooperation based on the consideration of mutual responsibility: I have learnt aggression-free communication, discrimination-testing and civil lobbying, I am interested in the possibilities of the corporal social responsibility. I attended the training of Common Purpose Magyarország Meridián, which, as a key trainer, supports the cooperation among the workers of the civil, the forprofit and the administrative sector in order that the leaders can execute real changes in their immediate and extended environment. I am one of the patrons of the Mediamonitor program of TASZ, I was the initiator and coordinator of the FÜST ('About Addiction in the Media' Training) civil venture in 2006, which had aims to sensitize the media to drugs and to help the cooperation among the profession and the journalists. As a member of the chairmanship of MADÁSZSZ, my tasks are mainly about communication. The older I am, the more I like riding the bicycle.

Paksi Borbála, member of Chairmanship: social context

I graduated as a sociologist ang economist-teacher in 1987 at the Corvinus University of budapest - as it is called nowadays. Being faithful, I still work here operating the Behavior Analyst Center of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences and Communication Theory. I have been taking part of the work of the editorial board of the Addictologia Hungarica scientific journal since 2002, I am a memeber of chaimanship of the Hungarian Association on Addictions since 2006. I have been making scientific researches for more than 20 years, I have led about 50 researches. As an immediate student of Rudolf Andorka, I have started to investgate the sociology of deviant behaviors. Nowadays in the main focus of my researches are the epidemiology of addictions and the interventions of prevention. I also work on the establishment/operation of the Database of Drug-Research containing the data of national researches alongside several different indicators of drug using in cooperation with TÁRKI Social Research Institute. In my work I aspire to contribute to the improvement of our social self-knowledge using the potentials of my science, hereby to the improvement of social awareness in connection with drug-problems, to the groundings of the policy decisions, to put the roots of the social reacts in real phenomena, instead of being ghost-fights based on personal beliefs. This is the attitude I am trying to represent mainly within the Chairmanship of MADÁSZSZ.

Éva Berkei

I was born in Budapest and at present, I am a pensioner. During my active years I worked in the field of Marketing. I worked for Magyar Hirdető, JMM-Dassas and TBWA Advertising Agency. I was introduced to the civil world by my son. At first I was helping only with applications of tenders, but later I got into it deeper. It was more thn 10 years ago. I work for the Nothern Point of Support Association and for the Kevice Camps Association mainly as an administrator and I fight with the deadlines as a real volunteer, without payment. I am especially proud of that. I work with a lot of young people whom I love so much, whose efforts, knowledge and generosity are really appreciated. In my remaining free time I like going to the theatre, having trips and I am also an enthusiastic environmentalist. I hope I can stand to the advantage of MADÁSZSZ also.

Zsuza Matusek

I am a social pedagogue, a helper of addicts, a mediator, a vice parent- and family-consultant. I have nerly 20 years of experience in social and mental help. I am also experienced in family and nurturing problems and in the field of service of elderly people.

Éva Preszl

I graduated at the Bárczi Gusztáv Teachers' College of Special Education specialized in ologophren-pedagogy and psycho-pedagogy in 1987.

In 1993 I graduated as an art teacher at Gyula Juhász College of Education, Szeged.

From 1993 I for FSZKI, later for its legal successor for the Methodological Social Center and Institutes of Budapest, as the director of the Temporary Accomodation of Great Plain from 2000.

I graduted as a sociologist at ELTE, Institute and Further Education of Sociology and Social Politics in 1996.

I am a member of Chairmanship of Vital Association since 07.04.1999, and the Chairman of it since 2002.

I make the social political section of Civil Radio (FM 98), the Szociopanoráma as an editor-reporter since 13.08.1999.

From 29.11.2004, I organise the Regional Forum of the Central Hungarian Organizations of Homeless Providing, and the accreditation of it for the years 2007-2011.

Our organization is a member of MADÁSZSZ since 2004.

I did my special exmination of social supplying in 2005.

I am a founding member of Vital Association. Above my Chairman duties, my tasks are the elaboration of projects, drug prevention: preparation and distribution of supplementary materials, organization and completion of drug preventive, youth and cultural programs on Sziget Festival and other programmes.

In 2010-2011, I am working on the development and elaboration of the program of the National Contest of Drug Preventive Shortfilm Making.

I am a member of the Social and Rehabilitational Foundation.

As a member of the Supervisory Board of MADÁSZSZ, I would like to make my experiences in connection with civil organisations useful.