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Member NGOs

The Association has 26 members at present, 16 of them have a main profile of drugprevention, 8 of prevention and harm-reduction, 1 of reintegration and resocialization and 1 of rehabilitation. (Click on the name of the NGO to see their website.)

Adelante Foundation

Alisma Association

Alternative 2004 Foundation

Art Era Foundation

Foundation of Drugprevention

Drug Stop Budapest Association

Health-dock Public Benefit Foundation

Health Flower Association

Vital Association

Nothern Point of Support Association

Halfway Foundation

Compass Youth Office

Friend of the Future Foundation

Supporting Foundation of the Mission of Saving Lost Youth

Bond Selfhelping Service of Youth

Blue Point Center of Drug Consult and Drug Ambulance Foundation

Kevice Camps Association

Peer-supporting Workshop Foundation

Transits In-between Public Benefit Organisation (no website)

For Yourself Drug Immunity Supporter Foundation

Stop Group Foundation for Addicts

Association of Mental Health

For-Us Association

National League of Child-Protection

Association Szertelen

For Clean Future Public Benefit Foundation