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History of MADÁSZSZ

The Association was established by 13 NGOs in the year of 2004 in Budapest. The cooperation within the form of an association was preceded with a teamwork of the organizations for years on the account of the joint realization of the program Civil Falu (Civil Village, CF) of Sziget Festival. Years after years the temporary cooperation became more and more harmonized and involved more and more fields (professional content of the programs, design, communication, financing, etc) therefore the NGOs decided that above the realization of the one-week long program, the continuity and the expansion (e.g. representaion of interest) of the cooperation would be useful. Therefore the MADÁSZSZ was evoked by the recognition that the NGOs dealing with issues related to drug prevention and harm reduction collectively can represent the service of their activities and the interests of them most effectively than in atomised form. "The majority of the NGOs joined the MADÁSZSZ to enable the association to represent the mutual interest, to offer proffessional support and to assist the communication among the member NGOs" (Arnold & Paksi, 2007, Resourse and requirement discovery among the member NGOs of the MADÁSZSZ).

The Statute, the members and the presentation of the Office-holders of MADÁSZSZ can be seen on the homepage.

Operation of the association until 2007

The cooperation of the members of the Association was limited primarily to the realization of joint professional programs. During these years we organized and took part in several programs, where we could use the advantage of joint appearance. Few of them are the following (programs organized by ourselves in details):

  • Career instead of drug, Millenáris Park (2001)

  • Civil Falu Program, Sziget Fesztival (2001-2008, annually)

    In the CF program, generally 15-20 NGOs cooperated. The idea and the title refers that the NGOs performed their one-week long tasks in harmony next to each other, settling like a village.

    The presentation of the program can be seen here.
    The studies summing up the results of the researches in connection with the CF program can be read here.

  • Conference of Deviance. Pszinapszis (2002)

  • Day of Dependence (2003-2006, annually)

  • Mini Civil Falu, Kriminalexpo IT-SEC International Trade Fair and Conference of Crime Prevention (2003-2007, annually)

    Our Mini CF preventive program was accomplished with the participation of 10 member NGOs of MADÁSZSZ on Kriminalexpo. Highschool groups took part on the hurdle-race booked in advance, but there was an opportunity for also the visitors of the Fair to walk through all the fields of the race representing the three scene of prevention.

    The presentation of the program can be seen here.

  • REHA Hungary (2004- 2005)

  • Family Day, Nap, Palace Dance Club, Siófok (2004-2007, anually)

  • "Alternatíva" - Mall program, Pólus Center (2005-2008, continuously)

    We operated the novel 'ALTERNATÍVA' program with the cooperation of experts of MADÁSZSZ NGOs in the Pólus Center of Budapest. The 'Alternatíva' operated as a low treshold service and as a psycho-social aider center, where the young people strolling in the mall were always welcome.

    The presentation of the program can be seen here.

Representation of Interest

We have aspired to establish a communication with the current Ministry supervising drug-coordination from the beginning. The chairman of MADÁSZSZ represents the interests of drug-profession in the work of the KKB (Board of the Coordination of Drug-Related Issues, Kábítószerügyi Koordinációs Bizottság) as a civil delegate , with a full voting power since 2007. The KKB is the top-level commenting and advisory body in drug-related issues of the current Government and from 2007, 4 civil delegates are also its members.

The representation of interests within KKB is performed in cooperation with other drug-professional civil umbrellas(Magyar Addiktológiai Társaság, Magyar Drogterápiás Intézetek Szövetsége, Magyar Ártalomcsökkentők Egyesülete) in order to represent interests during the work of the KKB.

New direction from 2008

One of the priorities of MADÁSZSZ established in 2007 was the need for improvements of the strategical planning of the Association, of the representation of interest, of the effective cooperation of the member NGOs, and of the communication among the civil sphere and other drug-realted institutions. On the account of these, we organized a 5-day long training of strategical planning with the help of CTF.

The training was preceded with a survey of resources and request of the member NGOs. The result of the survey were built in th planning. '... the NGOs were least satisfied with the communication with the for-profit sphere and the decicion-making authorities, with the media-appearance and with the amount of professional forums. They are basically satisfied with the programs of MADÁSZSZ to date. (Arnold- Paksi, 2007 )

As a result of the survey and the strategical planning, important organizational goals, developmental opportunities and strategical priorities were conceptualized for the period 2008-2010. 'Without exception, all the member NGOs considered the representation of interests, the activities of lobbying and the more effective communication with the decision-making authorities as the duties of MADÁSZSZ. Nearly two-fifth of the NGOs believes that MADÁSZSZ should offer professional support and services that give information about the operation of the member NGOs. (Arnold- Paksi, 2007 )

During the strategical planning, the membership decided that MADÁSZSZ should not operate preventive programs in the following years, and its main activities should be definitely about the representation of interest.

During the planning, we established the 3-year long strategic document of MADÁSZSZ. The realization of the document was highly supported by the Dependent('s) Relationships - partnership project to develop cooperation between NGOs in the field of drug prevention, harm-reduction and therapy (TÁMOP-2.5.1-07/1-2008-0136) in 3 regions of the country, which was applied for in 2008 and was accomplished in the years 2009/2010, in consortium with MADRISZ.

The overall aim of the project is to establish a network-cooperation among the NGOs in the field of drug professions and to develop the efficiency in representing common interests. With the expansion of the expert-capacity, with the organization of the national representation of interests and with the situation-report based on fact, the direct aim of the project were to strengthen the potential and efficacy of the representation of interests of MADÁSZSZ and of the participating NGOs. The summary of the project can be read here .